Regional agroforestry suitability assessment

Do you represent a country, a municipality, a local community, a farming association or an industry body? We can help assess viable agroforestry systems for your region. In regional projects, the benefits of regenerative agroforestry can manifest itself in many ways. We work closely with each individual client to tailor the solution to their needs and goals.

Benefits of our regional assessment

Strengthen rural economies

By supporting farmers and communities in their transition to regenerative agroforestry it is possible to boost the local economy. Agroforestry in general has an overall increase in productivity compared to monoculture systems and with increased resilience comes more robust communities.

Adapt and mitigate climate change

Agroforestry system can help you reach regional climate action targets or increase adaptation to climate change in your watershed. This can help save a lot of money in future damages from extreme weather and brand you as an impact ambassador.

Increase biodiversity and improve the environment

Reduce erosion and nutrient runoff and increase wildlife habitat and biotope networks. Through agroforestry and proper landscape design, it is possible to create local development plans that are in favour of both people, business and nature.

Our assessment ensures that all stakeholders in a specific region are taken into account and this helps to ensure a proper consolidation amongst the citizens in that region. Through this Regenerative Agroforestry is a great way to take responsibility for your local community.


Regen Farmers regional agroforestry assessment enables scalable diverse context-specific and robust agroforestry production landscapes.

Our model draws information about the local economy and looks at options on a parcel level. This makes it possible to make a highly customized analysis and plan that takes into consideration the characteristics of individual parcels. At the same time, it ensures a coherent regional plan where the activities of the individual parcels work together.

Scalable flexible and diverse production systems

Our solution makes it possible to define flexible agroforestry system models that can be suited to the individual farmers land and enterprise. This makes it possible to scale production systems over large areas and at the same time have a high diversity in the production, without losing the benefits of co-ops and centralized processing.

Context-specific precision agroforestry

Thanks to modern satellite technology and global data coverage our solution makes it possible to adapt flexible production systems to the individual farmers land and enterprise. This ensures that each individual farm achieves the most optimal production system. Often this can give a better overall performance on all parameters such as productivity, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and food security.

Data-driven solution

We use large amounts of data to analyse environmental, ecological and socio-economic parameters to screen for viable agroforestry systems suitable for the specific area or region. We have built our own unique model that enables us to turn millions of data points into actionable plans for regional decision-makers. Read more about the technologies that we use here.


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