Digital Solutions for Regenerative Agroforestry

RegenWorks agroforestry platform software on computer

RegenWorks Plant

Agroforestry project development software for agricultural advisors and farm managers looking to implement new agroforestry systems

RegenWorks Grow

Agroforestry farm management software for farmers and growers managing existing agroforestry enterprises

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Alley Cropping agroforestry software use case

Alley Cropping Use Case

See how the RegenWorks platform can be used to plan agroforestry systems such as alley cropping. Quickly make changes to row widths, tree spacing, species composition, headland and much more, and assess practical and financial changes.

Precision Agroforestry software technology image with digital twin trees shown

Precision Agroforestry Technology

Cutting edge technology that pushes the possibilities of regenerative agroforestry to new heights. Profit and regeneration go hand-in-hand and with the precision our technology brings agroforestry becomes even more attractive.