We want to “accelerate the adoption of regenerative land-use practices.” Everything we do is geared towards this.

Our goal is to support farmers, communities, governments and organizations to transition 5 million hectares of agricultural land to regenerative agroforestry by 2025.

We want to achieve this goal by enabling farmers to adopt and maintain regenerative agroforestry on a global scale. We aim to achieve this with the following actions:

  1. Provide agroforestry project development solutions for farmers and agricultural advisors to make agroforestry more attractive for land-owners.
  2. Develop management and monitoring software to ensure that farmers continue to practice regenerative agroforestry through continuous regenerative management support.

Agroforestry adoption process stages

Diagram showing adoption process: Transition and consolidation of regenerative land-use practices and it’s stages.

Agroforestry transition progress

We continuously track the impact we make through our various offerings. When it comes to the transition to agroforestry we measure three main elements: projects, trees and area size in hectares.

30+ Projects

20.000+ Trees

200+ Hectares

Consolidation and continued management

The continued management of agroforestry systems is where the actual environmental and economic benefits can be reaped. Because of this we continuously measure the survivability of trees, area under agroforestry management and the number of farmers involved.

XX Farmers

XX Trees

XX Hectares

These metrics are continuously updated based on actual numbers from the RegenWorks Platform. Since the management platform was released in early 2021, data is still not shown on this. Please check back regularly to check the progress of our impact.