We want to “accelerate the adoption of regenerative land-use practices.” Everything we do is geared towards this.

Our goal is to collaborate with farmers, communities, governments and organisations to transition 5 million hectares of agricultural land to regenerative agroforestry by 2025.

We want to achieve this goal by enabling farmers to adopt and maintain regenerative agroforestry on a global scale. We aim to achieve this with the following actions:

  1. Identify regenerative agroforestry best practice farms for every eco-region where agroforestry is viable.
  2. Engage in projects to develop best practice farms in eco-regions where none currently exist.
  3. Scale best practice farms in respective eco-regions through partnerships, knowledge sharing and education.
  4. Ensure that farmers continue to practice regenerative agroforestry through continuous regenerative management support.

We aim to achieve these actions by utilizing exponential technology to provide services and products to farmers, governments and organisations.

Adoption process stages

Diagram showing adoption process: Transition and consolidation of regenerative land-use practices and it’s stages..

Action progress

To evaluate our progress towards our goal we continuously track our progress on the individual actions.

Eco-region best practice farms identified 19%
Development of best practice farms for eco-region were none has been identified 4%
ha transitioned (of 2020 goal - 100 ha) 8%
ha transitioned (of 2025 goal - 5 mil. ha) 1%
Percentage of transitioned areas still practiced as regenerative agroforestry (Consolidation) 100%