At Regen Farmer we engage in projects to develop regenerative agroforestry systems. We work with a variety of different clients. Below are examples of our work.

Permatopia – Self sufficient ecovillage in rural Denmark

Location: Karise, Denmark

Summary: Farm landscape master plan with suited ecoregional agroforestry production systems for ecovillage in Denmark.

Services: Regen agroforestry service

Tropical multistrata agroforestry farm in India

Location: Chennai, India

Summary: Full design of 6,6 ha multistrata agroforestry farm in India. Design included water management, infrastructure, agroforestry production with native species and workflow optimization.

Services: Regen agroforestry service

Source: Katrinelunden

Katrinelunden – Regenerative assessment of silvopastured pigs

Location: Sorø, Denmark

Summary: Katrinelunden is an newly established silvopasture farm with gees and pigs. We helped them assess inputs/outputs and optimize to increase profits. The assessment showed that the addition of trees to the system was a clear benefit in terms of feed cost reduction, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, nutrient cycles and water cycles.

Services: Agroforestry grow service

watershed flow length gis analysis

Regional agroforestry suitability assessment of Faxe municipality watershed

Location: Faxe, Denmark

Summary: Through our regional agroforestry assessment we assessed the whole Faxe municipality of 14.600 ha to identify optimal nodes of regenerative intervention and farms where specific types of agroforestry systems are most suited.

Services: Regional agroforestry assessment

Grazing in Walnut Orchard

Location: Fyn, Denmark

Summary: Integrated silvopasture system of walnut orchard and sheep. Currently being implemented on 4 ha.

Services: Agroforestry grow service