Agroforestry Suitability Assessment

With our Agroforestry Suitability Assessment, we can evaluate the potential for implementing agroforestry on a specific piece of land. This is done by assessing possible agroforestry practices suited for the land and enterprise. The assessment utilizes technology such as remote sensing, satellite data and GIS to create the basic data foundation. This is combined with information that we gather from farmers and other stakeholders. As a result, the assessment creates a context-specific and personalized recommendation that presents agroforestry systems suited for your unique land.

The assessment takes the following parameters into account:

  • Property characteristics like size and current practices
  • Climate and weather
  • Ecology
  • Landform and hydrology
  • Land use and vegetation

The result of the assessment is:

  • A unique assessment of agroforestry system suited for your land.
  • A recommendation with most suited agroforestry systems and benefits of implementing these.
  • Actionable insights and next steps in the planning and implementation phase.
  • Visualization of the agroforestry system

Services and products that use our assessment solution

We provide our agroforestry suitability assessment to different stakeholders through a series of products and services. Please find the corresponding solution for your needs in the section below.

Agroforestry suitability assessment service for farmers

We help individual farmers find agroforestry systems suited for their land through our agroforestry system design service. Because we utilize our assessment for this service ourselves, we can offer the best agroforestry system designs out there.

RegenWorks – Software with integrated agroforestry assessment for farm managers and consultants

With RegenWorks farmer managers and agricultural consultants can use our assessment and use the solution for their own clients and projects. In addition to the suitability assessment solution, the RegenWorks software also provides other beneficial features for planning agroforestry systems.

watershed flow length gis analysis

Custom application of assessment solution in larger regenerative agroforestry projects

In large scale projects, there is often a need for custom configuration of the assessment to fit project goals and requirements. We assist with custom assessment configuration, data acquisition and data analysis for large scale regional projects.