Agroforestry system assessment and design

“Plant trees to grow your profit and build resilience”

We have made it easy to get started with agroforestry. If you’re looking to learn if agroforestry is something for you or if you are already ready to plan your transition to agroforestry, we have the solution for you. You can explore our 3 different packages below.

Explore package

Get started on your journey to harvest the benefits of agroforestry.

  • Suited agroforestry systems
  • Benefits of implementation
  • Visualization of agroforestry system

The Explore Agroforestry Package is really terrific! Once we get everything moving I would love to proceed with species planning and other ideas. (Grow package)”

Jamie, Farmer, USA

Grow package

This package is often suited for farmers who are interested in implementing agroforesty in existing production areas.

  • Everything in the Explorer package +
  • Suited species
  • System dimension definition
  • Implementation strategy, plan and budget
  • Agroforestry business model assessment
  • Harvest and processing system analysis

Regen package

This package is suited for farmers who are interested in giving their land the full regenerative makeover.

  • Everything in the Grow package +
  • Full implementation plan including master plan drawings
  • Rendering of farm with agroforestry systems
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Hydrology and earthworks

You can always start out with the explore package and upgrade to a different package when you are ready. An upgrade cost the difference in price between the packages.

It’s possible to get a credit of 30 days after the service has been delivered. For the 30 day credit option choose “invoice” on the checkout page.