Agroforestry software use cases

The RegenWorks agroforestry software is a diverse tool that are applicable in a wide variety of use cases. Below are some of the sectors where the tool can help farmers and advisers with the planning of profitable and resilient production system.

Shade-grown coffee

Coffee growers and advisors can plan resilient and profitable coffee production systems. RegenWorks can help with the optimization of existing shade-grown coffee systems and with the establishment of new shade-grown coffee systems.


Transition pasture into regenerative Silvopasture system by integrating trees. From timber to fodder trees, Silvopasture systems have many options for enhancing the profitability and resilience of the enterprise.

Alley Cropping

Transition arable land into more resilient and profitable alley cropping systems. From species selection and system layout to implementation management and digital asset logs – RegenWorks has got you covered.