Use case: Planning of Silvopasture system in Mediterranean Climate

Dehesa silvopasture system with Cork Oak (Quercus suber) and Cattle.
Credit: Curiosidad~commonswiki assumed, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Case specifications

Climate: Mediterranean

Agroforestry system type: Silvopasture / Agrosylvopastorial

Main outputs: Cork, nuts, fruits, meat, dairy, wool

Intervention/transition: Restoration of trees on pastures

System layout: Scattered / Off-set rows / Straight rows

Solution: RegenWorks Plant

Planning of Silvopasture system with the RegenWorks software

RegenWorks caters to the specific needs of Silvopasture planning and implementation. By integrating unique features designed for trees and shrubs with dedicated tools for animal husbandry, RegenWorks makes it easy and convenient to plan and implement this multi-disciplinary practice.

Planning and visualization of Silvopasture system model with offset tree rows and pasture area in purple.

Design of Silvopasture system model

The design of the Silvopasture system often takes several iterations to find the most optimal design. The regenworks platform help structure the design and makes it easy to do quick iterations.

  • Find the most suitable trees and shrubs for your land and enterprise: from timber and biomass to stable tree crops and fodder trees, RegenWorks have got you covered.
  • Design a Silvopasture system from scratch or use existing database of Silvopasture system model templates.
  • Try out different tree spacing to adjust and assess pasture/tree cover ratio.
  • Plan complementary workflows between management of tree crops and animals.
  • Quickly visualize the Silvopasture system model.

Planning the layout of a Dehesa Savannah Silvopasture system on an existing arable field.

Add system model to area and explore layout

  • Map out area or upload existing KML files.
  • Explore different alignments of the agroforestry system model on the area.
  • Estimate animal carrying capacity including shrub and tree fodder production.
  • Calculate final tree count for the area.
  • Assess fencing and tree guard options.

Start planning silvopasture today with RegenWorks Plant

RegenWorks Plant is in development, but you can already get it now through our early access program.