Introducing the new RegenWorks Grow Agroforestry Farm Management Offering

RegenWorks Grow Agroforestry Farm Management Software

The RegenWorks platform have been split into two separate offerings to better accommodate the different use cases of farmers and agricultural consultants. The agroforestry project development tool has been renamed RegenWorks Plant and a new offering for Agroforestry Farm Management called RegenWorks Grow is now available.

Seamless integration and transition from project development to management

The new management offering integrates into the wider RegenWorks platform. This means that if you’re already using the RegenWorks Plant Project Development Tool you can seamlessly transition to the new management tool once you have implemented your agroforestry project.

Management of existing agroforestry farms

RegenWorks Grow is designed to support the management of agroforestry farms, so farmers managing existing agroforestry systems can now also benefit from Regen Farmers powerful precision agroforestry technology. The new offering makes it easy for farmers to setup existing assets, tree rows and areas on agroforestry farms too bring their operation into the digital age so they can grow their profit and impact.