Precision Agroforestry

Precision Agroforestry technology is used in the RegenWorks agroforestry platform.

A new paradigm of technology enabled regenerative land stewardship

Regen Farmers solution combines cutting edge technology from agriculture and forestry sectors into a dedicated solution for agroforestry. Our solution combines high precision area based precision agriculture and digital tree assets into 4-dimensional digital twins of agroforestry production systems (x-y-z and t).

This technology enables a wide array of possibilities that can push the limits of agroforestry. Ultimately this increases the financial and ecological performance of agroforestry systems around the globe.

Precision Agroforestry – The best of two worlds

Precision agriculture – Area based

Precision agriculture has already been adopted by many farmers. As an area based technology this is optimal for tracking pastures, soil health and arable crops in the agroforestry system.

Digital forest twins – Tree based

The forest industry has already gone digital with digital twin asset management and virtual forests. Digital twin technology makes it possible to management agroforestry systems on a tree-asset basis instead of working with stands. This enables a whole new degree of ecological and financial precision.

Screenshot from the RegenWorks Analytics Software with a truffle yield heat-map (red-orange) of a truffiere layered on top of the digital tree-twin (light blue circles). The precision agroforestry technology combines sub-area based data layers (such as this yield heat-map) with digital representation of trees/shrubs which opens up for unprecedented possibilities to analyze and optimize agroforestry and tree-crop based production systems. In this case the heat-maps represent truffle yield maps, but it can also work with a wide variety of other data sources such as yields across arable crops, soil maps, pastures quality maps and more.

Precision Agroforestry Applications

Regen Farmers vision is to accelerate the transition to Regenerative Agroforestry. Precision agroforestry technology can provide value in all stages of this transition, from initial site assessment and project implementation to management and monitoring.

Project development

See and simulate performance even before the system has been implemented and keep track of implementation through digital implementation tools. The RegenWorks Plant solution is already utilizing the technology to help plan and implement profitable regenerative agroforestry systems.

Management and operations

Log and track management on both sub-area and tree asset basis, and most importantly the interactions between these. This makes it possible to optimize existing agroforestry systems for both ecological and financial performance. The RegenWorks Grow solution is a dedicated solution for agroforestry farm management.

Monitoring and analysis

Hyper-local history of place that enables continued optimization as more data becomes available on the specific system on your land. Furthermore precision agroforestry unlocks unprecedented levels of accuracy in monitoring of agroforestry systems.