Regen Farmer Advisory Board Announcement

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that three really amazing people have joined Regen Farmers Advisory Board. Ewelina, Aske and Ross complement each other really well and with them by my side I’m confident that my work as the CEO of Regen Farmer will make a true impact in the world, through human and natural regeneration. 

Ewelina has great expertise within BtB sales and business development from her work with companies such as ConWx, Milestone Systems, FLSmidth and Rambøll. Her knowledge is a big boost to the profit based engine that drives Regen Farmers impact. Her experience as a founder of GoGetty, a platform for corporate diversity and inclusion, aligns really well with the regenerative organisational culture of Regen Farmer. I am really happy that she wants to share her professional experience and endless positivity with me. It’s truly a joy.

As an Associate Professor at Institute of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen, Aske has great experience with sustainable food production and natural resource management on a global scale. Regen Farmers vision is to achieve true impact for both the environment and humanity. This can only be achieved with a deeply rooted academic approach and collaboration with the academic world. I look forward to long and deep conversations with Aske on how to transition the global food production. 

I feel so humbled to have the opportunity to tap into the wisdom of Ross with his decades of experience on sustainable food production from Urtekram, global regenerative community building through Gaia Trust and his comprehensive understanding of the world economy and financial markets. Ross is an influential voice advocating for an ecological economy which truly aligns with Regen Farmers vision. 

The journey has only just begun and with these amazing people onboard I am confident that Regen Farmer will be able to further accelerate the adoption of regenerative agroforestry. 

I look forward to the journey ahead.

Kristoffer Rønn-Andersen
CEO and Founder

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