Agroforestry Farm Management Software

Under development


Our FLOW software makes it easy to plan and manage integrated regenerative farming systems such as agroforestry and silvopasture.

The user friendly interface makes FLOW simple and fast to use so you can concentrate on getting things done.

We are currently developing and testing FLOW in collaboration with a limited group of farmers. Sign up for our free early access program below to learn more about how you can try out FLOW before the official launch.


Regen Farmer FLOW is not your ordinary farm management software. We are building features uniquely designed to handle integrated regenerative agriculture and agroforestry systems.

Integrated crop and grazing plans

Plan the season and increase profits

Manage integrated activities on your regenerative farm to achieve optimal workflow and resource efficiency.

  • Plan and align activities for crops, animals and trees
  • Plan ahead with intelligent shade and tree cover projection tools
  • Automatically generate tasks for everything from crop plantings to animal herd moves
  • Manage both short term and long term planning in one place
  • Generate budget with yield, expenses and labor and integrate with reporting

Task management

Collaborate and get things done

Integrated farming systems can have a complex web of activities. Our software makes it easy to manage your daily activities on the go.

  • Manage all farm tasks on the move
  • Tasks can be linked to specific areas or crew members
  • Automatically create labor records on task completion and track labor costs

Area and data mapping

Get an overview

Our unique land management tool with multi-layer features makes it easy to structure and manage overlapping activities on your farm. This is ideal for integrated systems that often have a complex web of elements to manage.

  • Map individual areas of land
  • View assets and tasks in each area
  • Map area pasture quality, soil quality and plan improvements
  • Toggle data layers with landform, hydrologi and much more

Yield and expense tracking

Manage and increase value creation

With the asset management tool you can easily track expenses and yields. You can also manage material flows between individual assets on your farm. This makes it easy to evaluate your overall material flows in the system, locate inefficiencies and optimize your outputs.

Soil health management

Connect with your soil

Your land is a living organism and the best way to steward it is to connect with it. Soil health management is an ongoing process and we are building a set of features to help you manage the health of your soil.

  • Map soil type and quality
  • Manage soil testing
  • Manage soil improving activities

FLOW agroforestry management software is aimed at making life easier for farmers and optimize profits. The software is great for the following practices: silvopature, alley cropping, intercropping, multistrata agroforestry, syntropic farming, permaculture, forest farming, integrated orchards, dehesa systems and food forests.