EURAF: Agroforestry is vital to Europe’s land emissions neutrality

New press release from European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) on climate targets and agroforestry targets for EU agricultural sector.

“Europe’s massive land-sector greenhouse gas emissions gap can only be closed with the large-scale expansion of agroforestry on agricultural lands. This is most urgently needed on mineral soils afflicted by erosion and low soil fertility. Bringing these degraded agricultural lands up to 10% tree cover would close over half the land-sector emissions gap – and boost those farms’ resilience and productivity in the process.”

“…achieving the 10% tree cover target on EU agricultural land by 2040 will require planting an average of 750,000 ha/yr, starting in 2025. That’s ambitious, but the climate payback would be massive: assuming an average sequestration rate of 5 tCO2e/yr/ha for agroforestry on mineral soils, including both above and below ground sequestration, 11.2 million ha of agroforestry would give 56 MtCO2e over the lifetime of the trees – which is typically 20-40 years’’”

At Regen Farmer we support this target and we are doing everything we can to transition agricultural land to agroforestry and get more trees in the ground.

Join us on this journey!