Regen Farmer is growing – Just like the trees we help plant

Over the last couple of months Regen Farmer has had the pleasure of welcome two new team members.

Birk Skyum is our new Senior Software Developer in charge of developing our portfolio of digital solutions, including our RegenWorks software and new open source tools and models we are working on, amongst others through the EU funded Horizon Europe Project DigitAF.

Sophie Tandrup Ranvig is our new Regenerative Agriculture Specialist. She is in charge of our agricultural advisory services in the Nordics where she support farmers in their transition to Agroforestry.

Going into 2023 with the new team, Regen Farmer is very well positioned to solidify our role as the leading agroforestry advisor in the Nordics and scale our reach and impact beyond the Nordics through partnerships and our leading technology solutions for agroforestry.