About Regen Farmer

Culture and work

Regeneration is at the core of what Regen Farmer stands for. This also includes our team and the way we work. We believe that every person holds the potential to do great things and as such, we seek to create a culture that cultivates talent.

Farming is at the heart of what we do, it is important that we are close to this. At the same time, we work with leading exponential technologies where the tech scene in Copenhagen is key to building strong partnerships and talent. To accelerate the transition to regenerative agroforestry, we need to merge the benefits of these two areas, as the solution lies in the intersection between them. To achieve this symbiosis we have two hubs, one on a farm in rural Denmark and one in the city of Copenhagen. The Regen Farmer team works at the hub that can help to solve the current tasks in the best way.

Bridging the gap between rural and urban

Rural agro hub on Møn

Located where nature meets agriculture in the beautiful landscape of Danish national treasure Møn, Regen Farmer has it’s rural agroforestry hub. Here we experiment with various agroforestry systems and test our digital tools. Furthermore, the Agro hub acts as a relaxing place where the team can dial down and focus on building solutions that are truly regenerative, away from the busy life of the capital city.

The hub is also used for various workshops and we encourage all team members to use time outside getting their hands dirty and connecting with the land, as this is a vital part of what we do.

Urban tech and impact hub in Copenhagen

Located at the heart of Copenhagen where tech and impact communities gather, our urban hub makes it possible for us to provide cutting edge technological services, digital solutions and build impactful partnerships.

Areas of expertise

  • Agroecology. We specialize in integrated regenerative farming systems. In particular agroforestry, silvopasture, pasture cropping, intercropping, polyculture systems, perennial crops and animal integration.
  • Technology. We see technology as an enabler. We use and develop technology driven solutions where they help to achieve the overall purpose of accelerating the transition to regenerative agriculture. More specifically we are working with software development, data analysis, algorithms, parametric modelling and machine learning to build the tools that will help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture.
  • Systems thinking. We use the same technology as many other AgTech companies, but we apply it differently. Out approach works with holistic problem solving, systems thinking and long-term solutions. Instead of trying to predict the future, we help farmers to create resilient and robust systems that will thrive in both environmental and economic volatility.
  • Business. Regenerative business, is good business. We do not see regeneration and business as opposites, but instead we believe that regeneration must ride on the wave of business to accelerate the transition.