Solutions for agricultural consultants and farm landscape designers

We provide agriculture consultants and farm landscape designers with solutions that make their job easier. This is a crucial part of our journey towards reaching our vision and goals. Through our solutions, people that work with farmers in their transition and can help to improve their relationship with their customers and boost their ventures.

RegenShift ™ – A revolutionary agroforestry tool for consultants

Our first product for agricultural consultants and landscape designers is our Agroforestry Suitability Assessment Tool. With this, it is possible to quickly tap into Regen Farmers comprehensive database of best practice agroforestry systems and ecological knowledge. So if you do work with farmers interested in implementing regenerative agroforestry systems the assessment tool is a great place to get started.

Save time and focus on delivering true value

Save time doing tedious research and information gathering and get right to the fun part of designing the landscape and systems. This gives you more time to deliver value to the clients.

Reduce costs and get quick turnaround

With our assessment solution, you can save up to 80% of your time and get at quick project turnaround time. This makes it possible to take on more clients and at the same time deliver the same value to existing clientele.

Improve your value

Our solution analyses thousand of different options and metrics. This evidently uncovers options that you would have otherwise not found or you might have used endless hours finding. This strengthens your value creation and enhances the quality of work you deliver which in the end empowers your customers with improved decision making.

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RegenWorks ™ – Farm landscape mapping and design tool for farm landscape designers

Coming soon

Our mapping and design tool is meant to make the life of farm landscape designers much easier so that they can focus on providing quality for their clients. From data acquisition and clearning to work automation and modelling our tool will reduce your costs and ensure high-quality deliverables.

Data acquisition and cleaning

Our solution help you aquirre and clean the data you need to provide high-quality work. A design is only as good as the data and information it’s based upon, so ensuring high-quality data is key to delivering the best solution for your clients.

landscape contour map

Data processing and mapping

Turn data and information into actionable maps such as high-quality contour or hydrology maps. This gives you the perfect visual tools to make informed decisions and find areas where intervention in the landscape have the highest value to your clients.

Automated workflows and parametric modelling

Automate your workflows and create designs for large areas in a matter of seconds through our data-driven parametric modelling feature. From keyline design and earthworks to planting patterns and successional simulation our modelling feature has got you covered.

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