Shade-grown coffee planning software to increase resilience, profits and sustainability for coffee farmers and growers

Regen Farmer is developing the innovative RegenWorks software that caters to the specific needs of shade-grown coffee farmers and growers. The software helps to ensure that the best coffee farming practices are used and increases climate resilience and profitability for the individual farmer.

Whether you are already growing coffee in the shade or if you are looking to transition your coffee production to a shade-grown system, our software has got you covered.

Our software is built on a comprehensive database with over 30 unique shade-grown coffee production systems and over 1000 different plant species helping you find the most optimal system for your shade-grown coffee.

Benefits for you and your farm

Increase climate resilience

Plan shade-grown coffee systems for a more climate resilient production system that optimizes water usage and nutrients.

Increase profits

Find the most suited shade tree species for your location and create crop plans to optimize and increase your profitability of the system.

More sustainable

Shade-grown coffee systems are more sustainable as they improve biodiversity and water availability.

RevenWorks shade-grown coffee planning software – Work in progress

RegenWorks software features

The RegenWorks software is tailor made for shade-grown coffee growers and farmers. Features include:

  • Map out your farms areas for easy overview
  • Plan shade-grown coffee production system
  • Optimize your management practices including pest and disease management
  • Succession analysis and crop planning for optimized productivity
  • Find the most suitable shade-trees for your farm and location
  • Forecast yields and make financial analysis of your system
  • Both mechanized and manual harvest systems are supported

Get access to the RegenWorks software

The RegenWorks software is in development and you can already now get access to the software. Sign up to our discounted early access program or sign up to our free 14 days trial.

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