This page describes more in depth the what biodiversity is in the context of agroforestry, benefits to farmers of increased biodiversity and how we are working to enhance biodiversity through our solutions.

Mention vision?!

This is one of the things that differentiates regenerative agroforestry from regular agroforestry.

Benefits of biodiversity

Yield. Water. Biodiversity. Carbon.

Increasing biodiversity in the farming system

Regenerative benefits. Sources. !?

Pest management – insects and vertibrates

Diversity = Optimal resource use (Water, light) Plants

More robust / resilient

In the soil – Fungi, microbes etc. Keep it simple for now.

Gogogo. Write it and put in some sources on WHY it is important. Not just for fun. We depend on it. Write the far up? What are the problem with biodiversity loss? Gogogo. Write up and make links. And then write how we are working with it. And benefits, also economic. Where the sources/links fit? Put in page. post is more article like with links to other articles and sensationalism of our solutions, based on that input from IPROS.

Integrating biodiversity into our solutions

Species conservation

Ecoregional agroforestry and species database

Larger one with ecoregions and biodiversity + SDG

Link to services

Integrated landscape planning

Link to services

Types of biodiversity

Endemic and endangered

Define biodiversity. Yes. Regionally vs. Global total?! Can copy the system and adapt to local species.

What does increased biodiversity mean? Subheader. How can this global biodiversity be ensured by enhancikg local native ecoregional biodiversity?! How can our database help with this?! Example!? Maybe not. Just do the other Stuff?!

Exotic species are fine because they might improve system productivity and thereby support the livelihood that the people managing the system will maintain it. The goal though, is to integrate as many native and endemic species into the system and at the same time maintain productivity. And avoid invasive exotics.

Categorizing farms by biome and ecoregion it is possible to xxx


Diversity (that image eGro ppsgrd).

Biodiversity- local vs. Global.