Agroforestry services

No matter where you are in the process of implementing regenerative production landscapes and agroforestry systems, we have the tools and services to assist you. From initial land assessment and system suitability to succession planning and landscape design layouts.

We help you assess, plan and implement agroforestry and regenerative production landscapes.

We tailor our work to each client’s unique context and goals. This means we mix and match the services that are suited for each client. How can we help regenerate your land and business? Please find an overview of available services below.

sheep agroforestry silvopasture system

Agroforestry system assessment and design

Find agroforestry systems and species well suited for your land

Have you heard of agroforestry, but your not really sure how to get started or which system might be suited for your enterprise? Then our agroforestry suitability assessment is a perfect fit for you!

Agroforestry business strategy and planning

Ensure short and long term profitability

As trees and shrubs mature the dynamics of the farming system change. The key to a profitable venture in the long run is careful planning of the system in its different stages and ensuring smooth financial transition between changing revenue streams.

Regenerative farm landscape design

Climate adaptation and enterprise resilience

The landscape and system of your regenerative farm can be designed to enhance water management, increase ecosystem services, increase yield outputs, optimize access for equipment, optimize manual workflows and much more. We help you define and realize the potential of your land.