Senior Software Engineer

Help us accelerate the transition to agroforestry through digital technology! You will join an impact based startup, dedicated to changing the world of agriculture and forestry. Regen Farmer is developing a web-based agroforestry planning and project development platform for farmers, farm managers and agricultural advisors. We are looking for a dedicated individual who is interested in joining our product team on a project basis. 


This is an incredibly exciting time to join the company. There’s a lot of work to be done on building new features and developing economic and biophysical models that can deliver reliable insights and decision support for our customers working with agroforestry projects to reverse climate change and ecosystem destruction. 

Here are some things we are building that you will be working on: 

  • GIS based tooling for mapping of agroforestry systems 
  • Biophysical modelling of agroforestry systems 
  • Economic models for agroforestry based farming operations 
  • Setup testing environment and deploying to production 
  • Fixing bugs 

You should

  • Have great skills in web-development. Specifically MongoDB, node.js and express. 
  • Experience with process-based biophysical modelling, preferably in Python or Julia. 
  • Experience with back-end GIS libraries (turf.js, JSTS) is a plus. 
  • As a remote first company, 90% of our communication is written. So you must be a strong writer. That means you’re able to communicate ideas, arguments and project specifications clearly and concisely. 

Who you are 

You are passionate about reversing climate change and stopping ecosystem destruction. You are a specialist, highly focused on solving complex problems, with reliable solutions. 


3+ years professional web development experience

  • BSc/MSc in environmental science, computer science or equivalent experience
  • Experience in senior position 

Regenerative Work Culture

Do you want to join a startup where we move fast and break things? Then Regen Farmer is not the right place. We grow at a sustainable pace, that doesn’t break humans. We build for the long-term and for a planet where our children and grand-children can thrive. We do not compromise impact. 

Please send applications to