RegenWorks agroforestry platform

RegenWorks is a web-based software platform build from the ground up for agroforestry. It utilizes our Precision Agroforestry Technology to bring agroforestry project development and management into the digital age. No matter where you are in your agroforestry journey, the RegenWorks platform has got you covered. We offer two different products, depending on where you are in your agroforestry journey.

Choose the right solution for you

Agroforestry project development solution

For Agricultural consultants and farm managers implementing new agroforestry systems

  • Assess context of land such as climate
  • Detailed agroforestry system design
  • Agroforestry layout tool
  • Project budgeting and financial analysis
  • Implementation progress tracking and logging

Agroforestry farm management and analytics software

For farmers and growers managing existing agroforestry systems.

  • Track inputs and outputs
  • Track activities and labor
  • Manage data collection such as soil samples, sap analysis and other data sources
  • Keep records and logs on tree and area basis
  • Analyze and forecast yields and financial performance