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With our Agroforestry explorer package, we evaluate the most suitable agroforestry systems for your land. We do this by utilizing technology such as remote sensing, satellite data and GIS to create the basic data foundation for the screening. We combine this with information from you that we gather through our online portal. This creates a context-specific and personalized screening that presents agroforestry systems suited for your unique land.

With this screening you get:

  • A unique assessment of agroforestry systems suited for your land.
  • A report with most suited agroforestry systems and benefits of implementing these.
  • Actionable insights and next steps in the planning and implementation phase.

In the screening we look at:

  • Property characteristics like size and current practices
  • Climate and weather
  • Ecology
  • Landform and hydrology
  • Land use and vegetation

The output of the assessment is a short report where the possibilities for agroforestry systems are evaluated. It is the perfect way to start your journey towards agroforestry. Once the order has been placed for this service you will receive an email with further instructions on how to fill out the information we need to complete the screening.