Permatopia – Self sufficient ecovillage in rural Denmark


Permatopia is an ecovillage located in Denmark. Permatopia was established 2013 and has 100 living units. Work on becoming self-sufficient was already underway when Regen Farmer met up with Permatopia in early 2019. Based on the initial meeting it was established that approximately 5 ha of the land did not currently have any overall plan or direction. Regen Farmer took on the task to design these 5 ha integrating appropriate food production, recreation, biodiversity and environment.

Regenerative assessment

Regenerative assessment of the 5 ha area

Landscape and soil assessment

An analysis of the topography of the land.

Suitability assessment

Based on the areas established in the regenerative and landscape assessment, suited agroforestry systems were found.

Silvopasture meadow

Nut orchard



Permatopia regenerative agroforestry landscape design