Agua Tierra – Ecoregional agroforestry partner in Chile

Location: Chile
Ecoregion: NT1201
Ecoregion status: Critical/Endangered
Link: Website

Project sites

Agua Tierra is working tiresome to restore degraded land through agroforestry and regenerative landscapes. They already have a great track record which gives them invaluable knowledge about the ecoregional systems. As can be seen from many of the project site images, the land Aqua Tierra is working with is highly degraded. Furthermore since the ecoregion they are working within is endangered their work is so much more important.

Lo Pinto, Lampa

Regenerative agroforestry learning and educational hub

Polpaico, Titil

Syntropic farming

Tunquen, Valparaiso

Landscape restoration and syntropic farming

Hacienda Los Aromos, Limache

Landscape restoration and syntropic farming


Landscape restoration and syntropic farming


Syntropic farming

Local Regenerative Heroes

Francisco Fuenzalida


Aqua Tierra is a dedicated regenerative community in Chile, restoring landscapes, building regenerative communities and implementing syntropic agroforestry farming systems to restore the earth. A big part of what Aqua Tierra is doing is also about strengthening the local community – They are healing the land and people at the same time. Aqua Tierra primarily work with 5 different areas:

  1. Ecosystem restoration to restore hydrological cycles and watersheds
  2. Water retention landscapes to capture and store water
  3. Syntropic agriculture to produce natural food in abundance
  4. Eco-literacy to learn to reconnect with the harmony of nature
  5. Community building and striving to find harmony with nature

Aqua Tierra strive to create a self-sufficient and independent life, that is sustained in harmony with the ecosystems of the planet. With more than 15 years of hard work and perseverance Aqua Tierra is dedicated to create work of ecological and social restoration. They work to create systems of abundant water, food and energy in a unity with all living beings on the planet.